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Origin: Usulutan, El Salvador
Producer: Giberto Baraona
Altitude: 1350 Meters
Varietal: Pacamara
Process: Washed

“We have visited Los Pirineos in 2015. We were stoked by its beauty and Gilberto┬┤s attention to quality. Los Pirineos offers a great micro-climate for slow maturation, good rainfall and it has fertile volcanic soil. The mill is located between two mountains which gives it perfect exposure to sun and wind for even drying.

Gilberto┬┤s farm is a showcase for clean segmentation, new variatals, drying methods and eco-friendly appliances. He started a replanting project over 5 years with over 200,000 plants in his nursery.

Rain water is naturally filtered. All pulp and mucilage is turned into nutrient-rich fertilizer by using californian red worms. Beans are soaked for 24 hours and get an extra wash (African Style). Gilberto applies a long shade drying and uses raised African beds to bring moist levels close to 10%.

The Pacamara Microlot we bought is one of Gilbertos best coffees this year. It has an absolute unique profile giving us tastes of tropical fruits and black grapes, great sweetness and a refreshing mouthfeel. Awesome!”


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