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26 catherine st, limerick. CALL. (085) 215 3212

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simple things done well!

‘Writing about music is like dancing about architecture’ a quote attributed to several people (Laurie Anderson, Steve Martin, Frank Zappa, Martin Mull, Elvis Costello, Thelonius Monk) and it came to mind when Elaine asked me to write the ‘about’ text for the website. A cafe is about eating the food and experiencing the atmosphere. Getting your ten minutes of ‘me’ time; drinking that perfect flat white, or meeting a good friend who you just don’t get to meet as much as you’d like. You have your favourite seat, your must have; wrap, lunchbox or salad every time you come in. What ‘Canteen’ is to others is not for me to say.

For me it’s a place of work firstly, where targets need to be set and met, where  bills and wages have to be paid weekly. Secondly it fulfills a dream I always had of owning my own business. Thirdly it’s a chance to change people’s perceptions that food can be fast, simple local and good. You should feel healthier when you finish your meal than went you started. With the Irish fondness for self-deprecation it’s hard for me to say how great or bad we really are, plus nobody reads ‘about’ section anyhow… So here is what others have said about us…

John McKenna / Tom Doorley/Pól Ó Conghaile

  • breakfast bagel

  • french toast

  • aztecs porridge

  • porridge with super seeds & raspberries

  • green eggs and ham

  • amazing organic meatballs

  • pulled pork wrap

  • superfood burren smoked mackerel, pea & walnut

  • super slaw

  • smokey chilli chicken wrap

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the very best & locally

  • joe - riot rye

    sourdough baked in a brick oven Joe built himself and fueled with wood grown near-by. the most sustainable bread in the country and i think it the best

    sean - temple roe farm

    Sean Condon as been farming organically for 13 years and switched to once a day milking to ensure better quality milk and happier cows.
    His raw milk (unpasteurised) is amazing; available at the weekends

    crowe's - outdoor reared pork

    a truly family operation, the crowe’s make some of the best sausages and rashers in the country

  • badger and dodo

  • white

  • super seed muffin

  • coffee

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bits & pieces

  • basmati rice
    Battle of the basmati rice Basmati is a variety of long, slender-grained aromatic rice that is traditionally from the Indian subcontinent. we selected four Tesco basmati, Dunnes Basmati, Uncle Bens,


    canteen tastes - cola
    Five cola’s selected  Barrs Cola  Tesco Classic  Pepsi  Aldi Vive Cola Coca Cola  here is what we thought #canteentastes  Barr Cola €1.17 2l   (since 1875 ! UK)  Very flat (carbonisation wise),


    canteen tastes - sausages
    sausage royal rumble -we tasted 6 sausages different supermarkets Lidl – hand tied sausages €2.19 492g Very nice, good texture, skin and inside feel like one product, Lacks favor, small


  • canteen tastes : feta
    Feta  is a Greek brined curd white cheese made from shapes and goats milk.  Since 2002, feta has been a (production designation of origin) PDO product in the EU. According


    n&f { neighbours& friends }
    we are doing something different every month (Wednesday 11th ) a simple, one-pot meal for friends & neighbours & friends of freinds no dressing up simple, inexpensive meal not for


    the hardest year
    the hardest year social media is a place for the superficial, the successful and the best of life. reality is never shared, hard time or failures are rarely posted; 2018