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we are small, they are small, it’s the prefect partnership. buying direct supports small family businesses and the local economy. THESE THINGS MATTER. their products are world class and make us better.

michael : organic lamb : sheep walk farm

michael is ploughing his own furrow in the farming world, a sustainable organic model which sets an example for others to follow

organic meatballs

organic meatballs

tj & eamon : outdoor reared pork : crowe’s farm

when you’ve tasted their sausages and rashers you will want no others


green eggs and ham

brock : coffee : badger and dodo

one of the mavericks of the third wave coffee secene in ireland. sources and roasts great coffee


flat white

ralph : milk : mossfield organic

this non homogenised full fat milk has improved our flat whites and cappuccino by 100%.


real milk

joe : bread : riot rye

there are two distinct parts to my life..before tasting joe’s bread and after


amazing bread

bob & ruth : bagels : wild onion

bring their unique characters to their baking as much as they did to their much loved cafe.

(as everyone locally knows ruth passed away and bakery closed. this left a large hole in our menu and hearts)


we miss ruth

siobhan : cheese : st tola goats cheese

you need to make her cheese part of your life


peas and cheese salad

karen : chocolate : bean and goose

‘don’t get high on your own supply’…i nearly eat as much of their chocolate as i sell.


bean and goose break

birgitta : mackerel : burren smokehouse

birgitta is making a super, food super !

superfood burren smoked mackerel, pea & walnut

superfood burren smoked mackerel, pea & walnut

10 john : packaging : down to earth material

it’s important all our packaging is completly compostable; these plastics are made from corn. all down to earths packaging and plastic is sustainable which is better for the planet


better for the planet