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impact 2021

some extra downtime in the last year has given us more time to reflect on where we have come over the last 8 years, where we are at currently and what direction we want to go in the future.
if i am being truthful with myself we lost our way and/or sense of purpose a little bit for a while; running, chasing, working too many hours to keep all the plates spinning, bills paid and the doors open. the move from mallow st and the first year in catherine st were way harder than we would have anticipated, we lost some of our creativity, vision and purpose of what we want and who we want to be. we couldn’t know this at the time but upon reflection it was so obvious to me

the question we need to ask ourselves is ‘how can we live in 2021 and ignore the impact we have; on staff, society, and especially the environment?’

maybe now more than ever the impact we all leave behind is more important than the food we serve or the coffees we make. the old country adage of ‘leave no trace’ could be transcribed into “leave the world in a better place”.

this surely is more valuable to the world than getting 10,000 followers or 100 likes per post.

while continuing to cook great food and serve great coffee, we want to be an organization for good and to leave a positive impact on staff, society and the planet. we have been mulling this over for a long time and have begun implementing some ideas over the past few months

who knows this is achievable? our voice and resources are small but our creative energy and sense of purpose are great. one or two small changes every week will add up to big positive changes and hopefully achieve something worthwhile

this is a journey into the unknown, with many missteps and wrong turns. Proof will be in the actions we take not in the words that we write…but we will keep you posted for our success and failures along the way

stay tuned