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feeling lucky

although this was an awful, awful year for so many people here and around the world; when I look back I just feel very lucky
lucky that we were in an industry and location that allowed us to trade through the pandemic with mostly takeaway, this eased some of our stresses and allowed us to keep  paying the small producers we have worked with for so many years like  nutshed, riot rye, crowes, crawfords organic milk and to keep all of our staff employed
lucky to have and work with your amazing team in 2020. who were willing to come back to work so early in march; when we all weren’t sure how much risk we were putting ourselves in. and who have worked so hard through all the changes and lockdowns throughout 2020
and most lucky to have been supported throughout the year by our amazingly loyal customers who were always willing to stand outside in the rain or wait overly long for a coffee while we adapted to all the changes. without you were would not be still in business
#blessed (if I believed in that sort of thing!)