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please complain

If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. Simple.

Our business runs and only runs on customers. We are never guaranteed customers. We could open and have no one come in the door; every day is a gamble.

When someone takes the time out of their busy day to come to canteen we must look after them as much as we can; if they get a €2 coffee or a €10 lunch deal.


We want to keep getting better; ok/grand/alright is not good enough. Money is hard earned, work is long and hard and taxes are high, so your money is important to you.

So if you give it to us.

It’s important to us too.


If we weren’t friendly, if we didn’t say hello and thank you,

if the coffee wasn’t amazing,

if canteen wasn’t as clean as it should be,

if the food wasn’t a good as it should be,

if anything, anything wasn’t good enough, complain.



This is our work, our passion and our livelihoods. We want it to be great. If we are not, let us know.