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basmati rice

Battle of the basmati rice

Basmati is a variety of long, slender-grained aromatic rice that is traditionally from the Indian subcontinent. we selected four Tesco basmati, Dunnes Basmati, Uncle Bens, Tilda, Lidl Basmati 

Tesco basmati

99c 1kg 

good firm grains, off white – earthy – tastes authentic 

Dunnes  – basmati 

98c 1kg 

good firm grains, bit starchy, good pure color, lacks flavor  

Uncle bens  – basmati 

4.99 1 kg  

good firm grains, nutty taste, good fluffy grains (not starchy) when separated

Tilda – pure basmati  


firm – good rich creamy taste, clean pure taste, fluffy taste. best consistency when cooked  

Basmati – Lidl 

99c 1kg 

starchy – clean taste – good all-round 

good value for money 

Our Scores

Tilda – pure basmati ***** 

uncle bens  – basmati *** 

Tesco basmati **

basmati – Lidl **

Dunnes  – basmati **

We do need to talk about packing – its impossible to open and re-seal any of them without spilling some/most/all. The more expensive brands should have better  resealable packaging