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canteen tastes – cola

Five cola’s selected 

Barrs Cola 

Tesco Classic 


Aldi Vive Cola

Coca Cola 

here is what we thought #canteentastes 

Barr Cola

€1.17 2l 

 (since 1875 ! UK) 

Very flat (carbonisation wise), lacks depth 

Good cola taste 

Tesco Classic Cola 

.54c 2l 


Quite flat,  (carbonisation wise)

Very light in colour. Poor overall 

Pepsi Cola 

€2.94 2l 


Good robust flavor, good consistent sparkle 

Very sugary 

Coca Cola 

€2.36  1.5l 

Classic taste, sharp slight bitter in a good way 

Full-bodied taste 

Great consistent fizz 


Vive Cola

.48  2l  Ireland 

Good color, good flavor 

Lacks fizz 

Aldi best in terms of flavor V’s price but, it’s hard to beat cola and its Omni-presentness. I suspect it can be bought in every town and village in most of the world. it’s the 6th most valuable brand in the wolds ( Forbes 2020)

Vive Cola ***

Barr Cola**

Tesco Classic Cola *

Pepsi Cola****

Coca Cola *****