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canteen tastes – sausages

sausage royal rumble -we tasted 6 sausages different supermarkets
Lidl – hand tied sausages
€2.19 492g
Very nice, good texture, skin and inside feel like one product, Lacks favor, small mince
Supervalue – Signature Tastes
€2.19 380g
very nice taste, almost artisanal, large dice mince
Denny Gold Medal
€1.99 227g
very small mince, lacks any real flavor, not sure it worth the price
€3.30. 324g
very nice flavor, good spice, good texture
Tesco Finest Traditional Sausages
€2.38 272g
good favor, good pork taste very small mince. very similar to Dunnes but taste a bit more processed
Dunnes – simply better sausages
338g  €2.89
Good texture, good pork taste, good favor,
our thoughts
Lidl – hand tied sausages **
Super Value – Signature **
Denny Gold Medal *
Rudd’s ***
Tesco Finest Traditional Sausages **
Simply Better Sausages ****
Highlight Crowes – outdoor rearer  *****
great sausage, some spice – taste the most like a piece of pork. we use these in canteen. small producers based in Dundrum in Tipperary