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everything changes

everything changes 

you’re always fighting something; staff costs, food costs, supplies, delivery time, broken toilet, broken door, leaky tap, unopened email, broken window, break-ins. i rarely get time to fight for the creativity that made us successful.  

small businesses don’t have the levels of management or budgets to have strategy weekends or innovation departments  

it took us a long time to get into this new premises and an even longer time to get the operations right, but now we need to change, we need to stay creative

how do you change everything, but stay the same? we want to make the menu smaller more responsive to the seasons, amazing ingredients or what we really want to serve. 

the ethos will always be the same;  always fresh, always homemade, always local, always healthy and always fast. if your favorite dish isn’t on the menu, don’t worry something else amazing will be there instead 

everything stays the same