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n&f { neighbours& friends }

we are doing something different every month (Wednesday 11th )
a simple, one-pot meal
for friends & neighbours & friends of freinds
no dressing up
simple, inexpensive meal
not for profit, just for fun 
midweek, no fuss
the stew will be mostly vegetables
we will try to create a sense of hygge; 
(coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment)
the candles will be lit, heating on, the stew pot on the boil, the bread in the oven. bring a friend or just yourself and a book and enjoy the neighbourhood
cities are a place for business and trade; full of noise, traffic and life lived at a hectic pace, but can we slow down a little sometimes
great cities are full of great neighbourhoods so why can’t we create one here in limerick. a sense of belonging, friendship and neighbourly-ness in this sometimes hard, empty city

(go to the booking tab, if this is something that interests you)